Your Electricity Bill Is Going Up — Again!

Wondering why your electric bill is higher? New York state officials recently approved a rate hike every year until 2021. Central Hudson increased their delivery charge as of July.

These rate hikes will significantly increase your electric bill every year for the next three.

Central Hudson Raises Electric Rates

Under the new rate plan, total average residential electric bills would increase by 1.33 percent in the first year; 2.99 percent during the second year; and 4.41 percent in the third year. For a home using 625 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month, that would mean an increase of nearly $900 by the third year

How to avoid these costly increases? Go solar now!

When you install a solar panel system with Solar Generation, our goal is to cover 100% of your electricity load. Once in place, your solar array will cover your electric load. In short, you won’t need to buy any more electricity from Central Hudson and won’t be effected by this rate hike. It’s that simple.

Plus, there’s never been a better time to make the switch. The Federal Investment Tax Credit is decreasing at year end, going from 30% to 26%, and the NYSERDA grant offered to New Yorkers is calculated to expire by year end.

At Solar Generation, we make going solar easy. Buy your system outright, or finance it with an low interest loan. Either way, you get the tax credits, and with a loan you’re paying less than your utility bill while creating your own power!

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