Why You Need To Go Solar Before The End of 2019

Take Advantage of Grants & Tax Credits Dropping Soon

Fall 2019 is the best time to go SOLAR for home and business owners in the Central and Mid-Hudson Valley. Urgently so.

There are two factors for this…

1. NYSERDA Grant

The NYSERDA grant, a New York state grant for residents, will run dry in the next 30-60 days in our service area. The grant, meant to help defray the cost of purchasing and installing solar energy systems, will drop in the near future from 35 cents/watt to a number as yet unknown. This means a savings of roughly $3500 for the average customer.

By contracting with Solar Generation as soon as possible, you can lock-in the current incentive. Don’t wait!

2. Federal Investment Tax Credit

The Federal Investment Tax Credit is set to drop at midnight December 31, 2019. This tax credit allows taxpayers to deduct 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. Beginning January 1, 2020 it will be 26%. With uncertainty in DC and negotiations ongoing, it’s impossible to say, right now, if this tax credit will be reinstated at 30% in 2020. 

Now is the time to take advantage of it!  With a signed contract, and just 5% down (typical cost of solar is $35k) by the end of 2019, you can deduct 30% of the total cost from your federal taxes. Installation can take place next year. This means a tax credit of an additional $1,400 for the average customer if you contract with Solar Generation in 2019, as opposed to 2020.

Solar Generation is one of the only local, family-owned contractors left, and for nearly a decade and a half we have offered customized, bespoke installations and unparalleled customer service before, during and after installation. Request a free quote now and schedule your free site visit!

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Paul McMenemy

Paul McMenemy is the Owner and President of Solar Generation. He has spent the last 15 years of his professional career focusing on the development and installation / construction of renewable energy projects across North America.