The Bottom Line: You Get What You Pay For

In today’s society, we are constantly trying to buy items at the lowest rate in which we can get them. We look for the cheaper groceries, cheaper gas for our car, cheaper products overall. The lowest rate out there, often has its downfalls.

Let’s take a cup of coffee for example. For argument sake, let’s say Starbucks is your favorite place to go. At Starbucks, a large café latte is $4.15 plus tax. But at Dunkin Donuts, a large latte is $3.69 plus tax. You know that the Starbucks latte will be better, and probably fulfill your needs more. For a difference of $0.46, where do you go? In the solar business, it’s essentially the same concept; the bottom line isn’t the most important thing.

What is important: the materials that will be used, the warranties that are offered, and the sustainability of each company’s business model. If we are chatting with a client that has been in contact with other companies, we want to see what the other estimates’ entail for this exact reason. We never want to be in a race to the bottom line, because no one wins in that scenario- certainly not the homeowner. The lowest bid typically isn’t the best deal because it often has a pitfall in some area of the system; it rarely matches up.

Just like the cup of coffee, you would rather have a solar electric system that meets your needs, rather than a slightly less expensive system that doesn’t cover what you intended it to. We want to make sure the production and efficiency of the system are the best it can be. To summarize as a whole, you get what you pay for.

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