Batteries for Solar Panel Systems

For those looking to store energy from the sun or the electric grid to be utilized later as a critical load back-up system, or to take advantage of Peak and Non-Peak pricing from your utility, Solar Generation offers several turnkey battery systems.  
In short, a typical solar array sends its electrons from the panels and is harmonized with the grid in an inverter and sent back out through the meter and into the transmission lines. A battery connected to the solar panels can store this energy for use in your home, when you wish. This can be when the grid goes down. Or under Peak and Non-Peak pricing plans from your utility. In this case, you can set your battery to discharge itself during peak pricing hours (for instance 3PM to 7 PM) and use the grid during non-peak times when the costs are lower. 
Furthermore, if your situation precludes solar panels, we offer grid-tied battery back-up systems akin to a back-up generator. These batteries are cost effective, silent and emission-free (unlike any conventional generator) and can be installed in one day to provide peace-of-mind when the grid goes down.
Whatever your battery needs are, Solar Generation’s team can find the right battery system for you.

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