Saugerties Solar Projects

Solar Generation met with the Saugerties planning board last month, requesting approval for two community solar arrays in the area. The main purpose of these community projects is that it will allow homeowners (and even renters) the chance to go solar. Anyone who is in the same utility, in this case Central Hudson, can subscribe to a portion of the output from the CSA and save on their electric bills, while sourcing their U.S. based power from non-fossil fuels.

Roof Mount Solar Panels

The Town granted us a conditional approval. The first project, on Old Kings Highway, will produce enough power to run over 75 homes. The second project, on Lauren Tice Road, will produce enough to run upwards of 240 homes.

We’re excited to help homeowners go solar, that otherwise wouldn’t be able to. If you’d like more information, feel free to give us a call at 845.679.6997 or

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