Power Outages & Solar Energy

In order for the solar array to operate and for the inverter to turn on, power must be detected from the solar array as well as the grid. This means that in the case of grid outage, the solar inverter and your solar array will shut down; this serves as a safety precaution. As your system can back feed to the grid, a live system can pose a hazard to utility workers down the line from your system. There are some inverters on the market that have a plug-in feature, such as an SMA inverter with a secure power supply, which allows you to use a small amount of power from the system while the sun is shining. The only way to have full power during an outage is to invest in a battery backup system. We are in the infancy stage of battery backed systems, but we would be more than happy to give you an estimate if this is something you’re interested in having.

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