Woodstock Day School

Woodstock Day SchoolIn the fall of 2010, we approached the Woodstock Day School and offered to install a 13.4 kW ground mounted array, free of charge. Our goal was to do something positive for our local community. We felt that raising awareness in kids and lowering the school’s carbon footprint was a great solution.

Using a NYSERDA grant to help pay for the equipment, SOLARgeneration donated time and resources for the design, permitting, and installation of the array. Throughout the installation, we had fun giving presentations to all of the classes from K-12. We talked about energy, electricity, geometry, wires, shading, and fielded many wonderful questions. When the system was complete, the Day School organized a ribbon cutting ceremony for the students and faculty. Decked in SOLARgeneration t-shirts, everyone was very excited and happy to be outside on such a nice fall day.


Pre-K Logo Project

WDS Pre-K Logo

Leading an integrated Art/Science lesson for preschoolers is a bit outside our regular routine as solar installers, but inspiring a group of 4-year-olds for 45 minutes seemed like a decent challenge.

A lively discussion about energy, the sun, electricity, and light bulbs led to introducing the ability to use simple pictures to explain ideas instead of words. In explaining the SOLARgeneration logo, the students were able to put together their ideas of the sun and light bulbs and get a better understanding of what solar energy is all about.

The real fun happened when the kids got creative and colored in the basic parts of our logo, cut them out with scissors, and glued them together. More than a few of the comments the kids made throughout the project were truly brilliant. The drawings were pretty amazing too!