Tibetan Solar Project

In the spring of 2011, we began to plan a solar mission to Eastern Tibet. We mailed a letter to customers, friends, and family and asked for help. Our goal was to raise money to buy solar panels in China, trek them into Tibet, and give electric light to people living in and around the Raktrul Monastery. The response and outpouring of support was enormous. In a few short weeks, we were featured in an article in the Woodstock Times, raised $16,000, and made our arrangements.

Working at 16,000 feet in elevation, we installed a 1,300 Watt ground mounted array at the Raktrul Monastery’s 3 year Retreat Center. We also passed out 55 portable solar generators to people from 9 different villages, many of whom had never before owned a light bulb.

Raktrul Monastery - Eastern Tibet

Raktrul Monastery – Eastern Tibet