Interview with Todd Koelmel,
Founder of Solar Generation

When Todd Koelmel founded Solar Generation in 2005 with partner Jason Spiotta, their goal was to make it the Hudson Valley’s best and most reputable solar company. The emphasis wasn’t on sales quotas, but on designing the right system for each and every site, and each and every customer. Over the ensuing 12 years and hundreds of successful projects, both in the region and far afield, they have more than fulfilled their mission and continue to do so every day.

Why did you get into the business?
We started Solar Generation because we wanted to do something positive for the environment, to help to preserve precious resources for future generations.

Are you still passionate about solar energy?
Over the last 12 years, we have installed over 2 megawatts of solar energy, one job at a time, for customers who are passionate and proactive. Their excitement and positivity fuel our continued passion to fight against global warming.

What have you learned from working with clients over the years about how and why to choose a solar installer?
Solar Generation is unlike other installers in the Hudson Valley because we focus all of our attention and energy in building one system at a time. We don’t plop systems on roofs in one day and we don’t install low quality, cheap equipment.

The customers who choose Solar Generation generally feel comfortable with our approach and have confidence in our experience and expertise. We do not employ a pushy sales technique and we present information in an honest and respectful way. Many of our customers are open to acting as references for new customers who wish to speak to someone or see solar arrays that we’ve built.

What do you foresee for the future of solar technology?
The electricity that solar panels produce is perfectly synced with the electricity that the utility provides. Your house does not know the difference, so in our opinion solar technology cannot get any better in terms of what it produces. Future advancements will be in efficiency, meaning that solar panels will become more powerful and may need less space on your roof. This is certainly something to look forward to, but it need not be a reason to wait because all of the environmental benefits from going solar now would be lost.

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Todd Koelmel, Founder of SOLARgeneration