IKEA Adds 1.26 MW to Future Virginia Store

IKEA just announced that they will be adding 1.26 MW of solar on their future store in Norfolk, Virginia. “The 331,000-square-foot IKEA Norfolk store will be built on 19 acres on the northwestern corner of Interstate 64 and Northampton Boulevard.” The store will also offer Blink EV charging stations for EV drivers to charge up while they shop.

Solar Array, Ikea

IKEA has been a leader in going green throughout their stores all around the world. They have installed solar on 90% of their buildings, and also own a few hundred wind turbines.  IKEA’s goal is to be energy independent by 2020, a hefty goal for sure.

All we can say is, go IKEA! They are making strides in the commercial scene and we hope this sparks the idea for other commercial businesses to help our environment by going solar.

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