Solar Financing Options

Owning your solar panels is hands down the best way to benefit financially. With ownership comes power – the power to produce your own clean electricity directly from the sun, and the power to avoid expensive rate hikes through energy independence.

Why not leasing? We don’t feel that leasing is a fair option for the consumer so we offer financing in the form of low-interest loans from three lenders. Our loans are repaid with fixed payments and require no equity. Ownership allows the solar array to become a financial and environmental asset, allowing you to benefit, not the leasing company. With a solar loan, you own the system. You own the power. You own the benefits. Loan approval is quick and secure and happens directly between you and the bank.

State grants and tax credits help make going solar easy and affordable. Our experts navigate all the paperwork for you, saving you money. To that end, we:

  • Arrange your NYSERDA Grant
  • Handle all the paperwork needed for City or Town and Utility permitting
  • Help you navigate the forms needed to recoup your income tax credits
  • Offer industry-leading warranties to protect your investment and ensure long-standing performance

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