Frequently Asked Questions About Solar

For more than a decade, Solar Generation has worked hard to ensure a bright future for our friends and neighbors in the Hudson Valley area of New York State. Locally owned and operated, Solar Generation are the regional exports in the field.

We make going solar easy and affordable, ensuring a smooth transition to solar from start to finish, with trusted solar power equipment installed by our skilled and reliable employees.

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below, or request a quote!

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Solar Panels on a Roof
What is the process for installing solar energy to my home or business?

The first step is to schedule a site visit for SOLARgeneration to determine the feasibility of a solar installation on your property. After the site visit, we provide a detailed proposal with photos, and in many cases, references to past projects. If you choose to move forward with our design proposal, we sign a contract and begin processing paperwork for the state grant, building permit, and utility interconnection. A typical residential solar installation takes about a week. In most cases, we need access to the mechanical room inside your house.

What are my solar energy options?

There are options, such as the type of solar mount—roof mount, ground mount, and pole mount—as well as decisions to be made regarding the location of the equipment. These, along with financing options for solar energy in the Hudson Valley are discussed on the phone and during the first site visit.

How can I determine if solar power is right for my home or business?

If you have exposure to the sun, solar is right for your home. East, South, and West facing roofs can be used to locate solar panels, as well as any open area in a yard or meadow. During our site visit, SOLARgeneration will perform a shading analysis to accurately predict the output of a system installed on your property.

How does Solar Generation differ from other local Hudson Valley solar providers?

There are many solar installers. Some are regional, some are owned by multi-national corporations and some, like us, are local. Solar Generation has been working throughout the Hudson Valley since 2005. We provide high quality equipment and a respectful customer experience. We build robust systems to last. All of our employees live here in the Hudson Valley and we don’t sell our jobs to sub-contractors.

Are there incentives or federal tax credits?

Yes. State grants and tax credits help make going solar easy and affordable. For more information, see here.

Are there financing or leasing options available for investing in solar? What are the pros and cons?

We don’t feel that leasing is a fair option for the consumer so we offer financing in the form of low-interest loans from three lenders. Ownership allows the solar array to become a financial and environmental asset, allowing you to benefit, not the leasing company.

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