Solar Generation develops solar projects, more commonly called solar farms.  The development process for solar projects is quite complex, very project-specific and bespoke. That said, the development process typically follows the path below with some tasks overlapping.

  1. Our development team determines a potential site by evaluating the solar resource, the local utility requirements, ability to obtain permits, access to the transmission system, and impact on the surrounding environment.
  2. Once identified, our team will approach landowners to structure a lease or purchase.
  3. Our team works with community stakeholders as well as government agencies to obtain the required permits for each project to ensure compliance with all regulation and requirements.
  4. Our team assists the local utility in determining the impact of the solar project on the transmission system. It is not unusual for equipment upgrades to be required before the project can be constructed. Once the studies and any necessary upgrades are complete, an interconnection agreement with the local utility is put in place to allow the project to connect and transmit power to the electricity grid.
  5. Offtake agreement is entered into between Solar Generation and the offtaker.  This can sometimes be the local utility through a net metering agreement or a third-party through a power purchase agreement.
  6. Installation is then undertaken by our crew.
  7. Commissioning and solar electric production begins.

Our Development Team
Our Development Team