Cost of Solar Energy in the Hudson Valley

In New York, the cost of solar energy has dropped significantly over the last few years. This makes going solar more affordable for homeowners.

Here at SOLARgeneration, the steps to go solar often depend on your current electricity usage. One of the first things we ask for is your utility account number so we can custom design a system that fits your needs.

The number that we are looking for is the total kilowatt hours (kWh) that your household uses per year. Most homes use between 7,000-9,000 kWh/yr. This average size system costs around $25-$30K. But wait! If you pay income tax, then you can cut that number in half.

There are three things that help contribute to this cut: a NYSERDA grant that comes right off the top, as well as a Federal tax credit and a New York State tax credit. These three incentives typically take that $30,000 system down to about $15,000, which you can finance if you like.

This is just an example based off the average family’s energy usage. If you’re interested, we can discuss the cost of solar energy for your home to give you a more precise estimate. Give us a call today!