Central Hudson Rate Hikes

On Tuesday, October 10th Central Hudson’s employees stood in front of the Public Service Commission and the public in order to ask for yet another rate increase. They stated:

“We’re proposing to invest in our equipment, update aging infrastructure and deploy technology to modernize the systems that deliver essential electricity and natural gas to our customers. … We’re committed to an even better future for our region. The plan that we have proposed will enable us to attain that goal at a fair and reasonable cost increase of about 14 and 18 cents per day for the typical residential electric and gas customer, respectively, while utilizing available offsets.” Although fairly stated, Central Hudson has received severe backlash for this rate increase.

When you go solar, as long as your system is designed to cover your usage 100%, you will no longer be effected by these rate increases. As a solar customer, the only thing you are required to pay to Central Hudson is your utility hookup which is $24/month for a residential property. The only stipulation here is that if you go past what your solar array produces, that’s when you start to pull energy through Central Hudson, then generating a bill with whatever increases are approved by the Public Service Commission.

If you are interested in getting away from the utility companies and their rate increases, we’d love to give you an estimate. Give us a call today!

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