Bigger, Better, And Local

We were flattered by the recent article in Hudson Valley One about the changes afoot at Solar Generation. The piece is a great summary of our committed, local approach to solar, and our aim to grow its reach. It touches on our history and speaks to the fact that we are looking to build a bigger, better solar future, all the while keeping it local.

“Todd and Jason have delivered Solar Generation 1.0, and I want to take it to 2.0,” said McMenemy. “People who can’t put solar on their roofs — for instance, if their building faces north — can participate through solar farms. I would like to develop those projects in New York State. I’d like to do larger commercial projects and enlarge existing installations, as well as the bread-and-butter of residential solar.” He is particularly drawn to doing projects for not-for-profits, which provide opportunities for investors to finance, shifting the tax credits to the investors as their return. Current and prospective clients include a dairy, a retreat center, a small goat farm, a yoga institute, an insurance company, a school, and a restaurant, as well as single-family homes.

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Solar Generation Team, from Hudson Valley One