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Cash-Back Energy Guarantee from Omnidian

  100% Peace of Mind 24/7 Professional Monitoring Proactive Service Dispatch 100% Covered Maintenance Live Support and Diagnostics from Our Solar Experts Energy Guaranteed or we pay you! A pre-paid Omnidian Performance Plan subscription is included with all…

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Back to Work

Hi — Paul here, the owner of Solar Generation.  I’m excited to get my employees back to work after the COVID-19 shutdown. It’s time to begin our recovery and reignite the local economy, which definitely needs a boost. And, actually,…

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Serving the Hudson Valley Community

Hi Paul here, the owner of Solar Generation.  At trying times like this, I would like to simply state that we are doing what we can to serve our past, current and future customers as best we can. As the…

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NYSERDA Quality Solar Installers

Solar Generation Receives 2020 Recognition In an effort to help New York homeowners during the solar research and purchase process, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has developed a designation that recognizes solar installers…

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Project Drawdown

100 Ways to Reverse Global Warming Two years ago I bought Solar Generation to do my bit towards addressing global warming and also to promote our country’s future energy security.  I’d like to take this opportunity to share my thoughts…

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What Is Community Solar and How Does It Work?

What is community solar and why do I need it? A Q&A with Paul McMenemy about community solar arrays in the Hudson Valley.

Why You Need To Go Solar Before The End of 2019

Fall 2019 is the best time to go SOLAR for home and business owners in the central and mid-Hudson Valley. Take advantage of grants & tax credits dropping soon.

Your Electricity Bill Is Going Up — Again!

Wondering why your electric bill is higher this month? New York state officials recently approved a yearly rate hike every year until 2021. Central Hudson increased their delivery charge as of July.

Solar Generation President Paul McMenemy on Why You Should Own Your Own Power Plant

Solar Generation has served Upstate New York’s Hudson Valley for nearly a decade and a half. In this interview, Owner Paul McMenemy talks about his introduction to the company, what makes Solar Generation special, and why there’s no time like the present to go solar!

Solar For Your Business

We are often asked by business owners of all sizes, why does it make sense for my business to invest in solar?  If you have a large flat sunny roof, own the property or are a long-term lessor,…

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Kingston Earth Day Event

As many of you know, Earth Day was April 22nd. This year the City of Kingston will hold an Earth Day Event on May 11th, from 10am-4pm at the Forsyth Nature Center. It will be a great day…

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Starbucks Goes Solar

Starbucks is making moves to go solar in many of their Texas stores. They have partnered with a company called Cypress Creek, and they are working together to build a solar project large enough for 360 of their…

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Ridgewell Fitness Grand Opening

Ridgewell Fitness is a local fitness center in Stone Ridge with big plans for the community. Not only are they partnering with us for a community solar array, but they are doing a lot of good locally. The…

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Saugerties Solar Projects

Solar Generation met with the Saugerties planning board last month, requesting approval for two community solar arrays in the area. The main purpose of these community projects is that it will allow homeowners (and even renters) the chance…

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IKEA Adds 1.26 MW to Future Virginia Store

IKEA just announced that they will be adding 1.26 MW of solar on their future store in Norfolk, Virginia. “The 331,000-square-foot IKEA Norfolk store will be built on 19 acres on the northwestern corner of Interstate 64 and…

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Central Hudson Increases Rates

This is not a typo: your Central Hudson electric bill is now 20% more. Central Hudson has quietly increased their residential rate from $0.13 per kWh to $0.154 per kWh, effective now. Now is the time to go…

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From Solar Power World: Happy solar customer buys New York installer

Thanks to Solar Power World for the great article on our recent growth. It says a lot about the customer experience at Solar Generation that after getting solar installed on his home last year, Paul McMenemy wanted to…

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Solar Hot Water

The Solar Generation Family is pleased to announce that we are in the solar-powered water heating business. Old fashioned oil-fired boilers or conventional electric water heaters are very inefficient thermally (and so environmentally damaging). There is a better…

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Bigger, Better, And Local

We were flattered by the recent article in Hudson Valley One about the changes afoot at Solar Generation. The piece is a great summary of our committed, local approach to solar, and our aim to grow its reach….

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President Trump Imposes 30% Tariff

Alas, the Trump administration has elected to impose a 30% tariff on imported solar equipment. This is dubious public policy. The stated goal is to “level the playing field” for domestic (mostly) panel manufacturers, and the best guess…

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Solar Tariff

To tariff or not to tariff, well that is the question the solar industry is awaiting the Administration’s decision on later this week. Last October the US International Trade Commission – 2 republicans and 2 democrats – unanimously…

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Federal Investment Tax Credits

Many of our customers have been asking about the status of the Federal Investment Tax Credits (ITC) for residential and small commercial solar installations. We have been watching this carefully and despite more than a few mixed messages,…

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Power Outages & Solar Energy

In order for the solar array to operate and for the inverter to turn on, power must be detected from the solar array as well as the grid. This means that in the case of grid outage, the…

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Central Hudson Rate Hikes

On Tuesday, October 10th Central Hudson’s employees stood in front of the Public Service Commission and the public in order to ask for yet another rate increase. They stated: “We’re proposing to invest in our equipment, update aging…

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Solar Energy and Tiny Houses

There is a new way of living among us, in tiny houses. Tiny homes are generally around 40 to 600 square feet. The concept behind these small homes is that the homeowner can live pretty independently because they…

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Hurricane Irma: No Match for Antigua’s Solar Energy

As we’ve all heard on the news, on September 6th Hurricane Irma quickly became known throughout the Caribbean and the Southeast portion of the United States. Irma exceeded a category 5, measuring in as the strongest hurricane in…

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Unused Power Plant Into Solar Farm

  In Hawkins County, Tennessee there is an unfinished power plant that hasn’t been in use since 1981. The power plant was only used for training until BirdsEye Renewable Energy in NC saw the possibilities of the land,…

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New York State: Incentives To Go Solar

As of right now, there are three major incentives that make solar affordable for homeowners in New York. These include the NYSERDA grant, the federal tax credit and the state tax credit. When these three incentives are applied,…

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Maintenance on a Solar Array

One of the main questions customers ask us is the maintenance required on their solar array. We are always happy to inform them that there generally is none. Solar panels are built to withstand heavy weather, including hail…

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Total Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2017

On August 21st, a total solar eclipse will be visible from different sections of the United States. The last time a total eclipse was visible was June 8th, 1918. In the event of a total solar eclipse, the…

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